Exercise & Equipment Safety Guidelines

Exercise Safety

Consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Always warm up before your workout with 5 to 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Then stretch slowly, exhaling as you gently stretch each muscle. Without bouncing, hold each stretch for at least 10 to 30 seconds. Follow your strength training regimen, stretch again to complete your workout.

Maintain proper spinal alignment and head positioning throughout your workout.

For maximum results, follow a complete fitness program that includes proper nutrition, aerobic exercise and strength training.

Your body will respond to weight training and conditioning only when you complete your workout on a regular basis.

To gain the most benefit out of your workout, it is necessary to use muscles that complement each other. When using a particular muscle, you should use the supporting muscles as well.

Do not attempt to lift more weight than you can comfortably handle. Avoid the risk of injury by remaining within your limits.

Do not hold your breath. Exhale the pressing action, inhale upon returning to the start position.

Equipment Safety

Make sure that you read and understand your Owner’s Manual and all warning labels and decals on your machine. Please use all precautionary measures necessary for safety.

Keep observers, especially children, at a safe distance from the equipment while in operation. Do not allow children to play on the machine at any time.

Carefully inspect your machine before each use. You must inspect the cables, nuts, bolts, and belts daily. Replace or repair any frayed, loose, or otherwise damaged parts at the first sign of a problem.

Always stay clear of all weights and moving parts. Obtain assistance to free any jammed parts. Never attempt to free a jammed part by yourself.

Sweat is corrosive — make sure to wipe down the machines on a regular basis with a watered-down rag. Then, dry completely to avoid rust.

Maintain a regular routine of preventative maintenance.