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centr 1 functional trainerfunctional trainer
Centr 1 Home Gym Functional Trainer Sale price$1,998.99 AUD
functional trainercentr 2 ftx functional trainer
Centr 2 Home Gym Functional Trainer Sale price$3,000.99 AUD
at home functional trainercentr 3 functional trainer
olympic weight set300lb plate set
5 25 lb dumbbell setdumbbell set with rack
battle ropenon slip handles
Centr Battle Rope Sale price$219.99 AUD
body weight gymlat pull down machine
Centr Body Weight Home Gym Machine Sale price$2,200.99 AUD
Centr Bodyweight Training KitCentr Bodyweight Training Kit
Centr Bodyweight Training Kit Sale price$199.99 AUD
bodyweight strapssuspension straps
ab and core workout kitcore workout equipment
Centr Core Kit Sale price$149.99 AUD
fabric resistance bandsCentr Fabric Resistance Bands
Centr Fabric Resistance Bands Sale price$55.99 AUD
Centr Fitness KitCentr Fitness Kit
Centr Fitness Kit Sale price$149.99 AUD
half racksquat half rack
Centr Half Rack Sale price$1,098.99 AUD
training jump ropelightweight jump rope
Centr Jump Rope Sale price$69.99 AUD
adjustable workout benchfolding weight bench
doorway pull up barsoft foam grips
Centr Pull Up Bar Sale price$110.00 AUD
push up handlesergonomic handles
Centr Push Up Handles Sale price$55.99 AUD
workout recovery kitmuscle recovery
Centr Recovery Kit Sale price$125.00 AUD
resistance bands with handlesresistance tubes
sand bag8 lb sand bag
medicine slam balltextured grip
Centr Slam Ball 10 Lb (4.55 Kg) Sale price$64.99 AUD
20 lb slam ballmedicine ball workouts
Centr Slam Ball 20 Lb (9.07 Kg) Sale price$99.99 AUD
6 lb medicine ball6 lb slam ball
Centr Slam Ball 6 Lb (2.7 Kg) Sale price$54.99 AUD
8 lb slam ballmedicine ball slams
Centr Slam Ball 8 Lb (3.6 Kg) Sale price$59.99 AUD
slider discscore sliders
Centr Slider Discs Sale price$50.99 AUD
Centr Smart Stack 50 Adjustable Dumbbell (Pair - 2.3-22.7kg Dumbbells)Centr Smart Stack 50 Adjustable Dumbbell (Pair - 2.3-22.7kg Dumbbells)
Centr Smart Stack 50 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single - 2.3-22.7kg Dumbbell)Centr Smart Stack 50 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single - 2.3-22.7kg Dumbbell)
yoga matpilates mat
Centr Yoga Mat Sale price$89.99 AUD