Centr 300 Lb (136 Kg) Olympic Set with Bar

3 Month Centr Digital Membership Free With Purchase

3 Month Centr Digital Membership Free With Purchase

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Complete your home gym with the Centr 300 lb (136 Kg) Olympic Weight Set and Bar. Perform light work with the 45 lb (20.4 Kg) olympic bar on its own or use any of the 14 heavy-duty, multi-purpose rubber weight plates for heavier lift days. This chrome 7’ Olympic bar has knurled grips through the center of the bar to help secure your grip and the weight plates have a tri-grip design allowing you to perform a variety of exercises off the bar. This set has been carefully crafted for form and function and perfect for the home gym. The Centr Olympic Weight Set also comes with access to customised workout programs on the Centr app.

The Olympic weight set includes 2 x 2.5 lb (1.13 Kg), 4 x 5 lb (2.26 Kg), 2 x 10 lb (4.53 Kg), 2 x 25 lb (11.33 Kg), 2 x 35 lb (15.87 Kg), and 2 x 45 lb (20.41 Kg) and is made of durable rubber. The 7’ bar is made of 45# steel with a 72,000 psi, can hold up to 700 lb (317.50 Kg) and comes with 2 spring clips.

The Centr 300 lb (136 Kg) Olympic Weight Set and Bar is fit for any skill or fitness level and is built on 20+ years of quality craftsmanship from the team at Inspire Fitness.

The Centr 300 lb (136 Kg) Olympic Weight Set with Bar includes a 3 month digital membership ($59.99 value) to the Centr app where you can train with Chris Hemsworth's team of experts while unlocking the power of your new equipment through customised workout programs. Centr is your go-to source for total well-being with limitless ways to fuel your movement, meals, and mind.



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